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Follow the collection to learn Korean phrases along with K-Stars! ^_^
If you'd like any other phrases translated, leave the phrase in the comments below! :)
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@robertakm64 They are awesome ^^
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@poojas I wish they were talked about as much as Got7 or BTS. I even tried to get aomething started with a 30 day challenge to no avail ... I'm thankful people responded but what I really want wasvto see other Vinglers make cards about Beast so I could enjoy how others points of view and love of Beast. However, I have never been very charismatic so no biggie. I had fun learning how to make cards. They might have been too long I guess. Anyways ... for what it's worth. :)
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@robertakm64 I think it's just because Got7 and BTS are newer groups with more of a younger fanbase. I'm not quite sure if new kpop fans are very into of some of the older groups. For me personally, Beast was one of the first kpop groups I discovered, so they always have a special place in my heart. I even watch their variety show appearances whenever they are on any show and they are absolutely adorable. And I'm glad you make cards about them because even if only few people respond, all that matters is that those people are also big fans :)
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@poojas I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts. Very cool - thank you! d(^¿^)b
2 years ago·Reply
@robertakm64 Absolutely! :)
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