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Everyone wants to know who would be a best match for them. They want to start the relationship that will succeed, something that they can be proud of and excited for! And especially with a plethora of options to look for someone (think: online dating!) it only becomes easier to look for that "perfect person." But how much of a persons personality plays into it? This is probably something you've even considered when looking for someone right??
"I want my partner to be outgoing and to love to go to parties with me!"
"I want my partner to be super chill and low maintenance, even if we just hang out at home and play games!"
Those are essentially personality types. So here's what MBTI has to say about the "ideal" match and also how to work with someone you love that might not be the perfect personality type.

The Extrovert-Introvert Pairing

You would probably think that someone that is an introvert is someone who is best for you if you are an introvert, or extrovert also try to stick together. But, studies actually show that pairing an extrovert with and introvert is a perfect match! They seem to have more developed conversation and chemistry. They balance each other out with activities that stimulate and challenge the other partner as well.

Spoiler Alert: There isn't a perfect match. BUT there is an ideal match.

Here's how to find it! Retake your personality test MBTI here, or rethink about which letter in your pairing stands out the most. For instance, what is your DOMINANT trait.
Here's a breakdown of all the type and a sentence about what they mean. (I'm excluding Extrovert and Introvert.)
Sensing (S) - Taking in and presenting information in a step-by-step way
Intuition (N) - Taking information and presenting information in the big-picture way
Thinking (T) - Makes decisions based off facts, objective decision maker.
Feeling (F) - Makes decisions based on feelings, empathetic thinker.
Judging (J) - Planning step-by-step process to finish something by a deadline
Perceiving (P) - Spontaneous action to reach the deadline.
My example: Intuition (N) is one of my more dominant traits. I like to think big-picture. And I like to talk, big-picture. I'm open minded and I appreciate someone who is also that way, who can talk with me about big things, without having to follow a 1-2-3 step process. So my ideal match would be an introvert and someone whose dominant trait is also N.

What's your dominant trait, and who's your ideal match based off this information??

MBTI tag :)
Is there a D? I need someone to deal with the drama in my life and not freak out!
I have intuition, feeling and judging as my dominant traits.. Quite awesome
So I apparently my Myers Briggs changed. D: My friend made me take another test and I got ENFJ instead of ENFP!!
he tool at and turns out he's the same only INFP-T while I'm INFP-A @nicolejb
Things have gone horribly wrong with every single extrovert I've dated lol
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