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According to an article on Kotaku that was posted at the end of last week, apparently Sony is working on a new PS4 system that supports 4K visuals. As of right now, the PS4 doesn't support the reading of 4K Blu-Rays or the viewing of anything in 4K.
Even though this is just a rumor, I'm unsure what it means for current PS4 owners. If all the games shift to being on 4K Blu-Ray discs, then those of us who have PS4s now will be out of luck when the hardware upgraded version of the system is released.
That being said, none of this is too official just yet. But here's to hoping we hear an official announcement from Sony soon. Mostly because I want to know what it means for someone like me (who already owns a PS4). I don't really want to have to buy the same system over again.
not only that but you'll be forced to buy a 4k tv also
I swear if I have to get this to play kingdom hearts three imma be hella pissed
That's pretty cool. Wonder what they'll do for current PS4 owners!