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Hello everyone, John here, and I come bearing some important announcements. So lately in our cards we have been using own personal tag list which has been a hassle for people who does and doesn't want to be tag in our cards. So to make it easier we've decided to created a tag list for KpopINT! It'll be easier to know who wants to be tag in our cards than to tag random people every time. Please comment if you want to be added to the tag list.
We also have collections that upload cards on specific topics so if you want to be tagged in those specific cards then you should probably follow so everytime we make a card about that topic then you will always be tag in it!
Our Collections Are Here:
KpopINT- All our cards are posted here
Follow them if you're interested in seeing content like the topic describes.
Thank You Guys For Listening And I Hope You Are Enjoying KpopINT!! Our Countdown to our debut has started today so please look out for our Monday Music Madness Cards. If you need more information about our countdown please go >>here<<
Music Finder: @JohnEvans
Tagging the head chairs:
And tagging the rest of the fam:
You can tag me 馃憤
u can tag me.
yes, tag me!
Me plz
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