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Another DOOM multiplayer trailer was released today showing off the new modes that'll be available to play at launch. And some of them are what you'd expect from a game that includes a multiplayer component but there are other modes in there that are particularly interesting.
One of which is freeze tag where you don't necessarily have to kill the other team but just freeze all of them in order to win. It's an interesting twist on the regular team deathmatch mode and I like that it'll probably force teams to travel together so they'll always have someone to thaw them out just incase they get frozen.
Another mode I'm into that was shown in the trailer is warpath. Instead of having a stationary point to capture and earn points, it's constantly moving. Even though this seems like a small change, it changes the whole capture point mode significantly. It'll probably require players to learn the whole map instead of one spot that they can strategically attack.
Other than those two modes, though, everything else seems pretty standard and I'm okay with that. The game looks like it's shaping up to be a game-changer in terms of multiplayer modes. Part of me thinks that this game will get me back into playing shooters online. But who knows what might happen when the game finally comes out in May?
What do you guys think? Are there enough twists on multiplayer modes to make you get back into it? Or will you stick with Call of Duty?
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So... Soul Harvest is just kill confirmed