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No matter how far we go, or how many people we love, there are days where we feel impossibly alone. As if everyone around us is finding someone to spend the rest of their days with, and we are sailing endlessly out in the ocean.
Here are a few tracks I love to listen to that serve as a reminder that may not come quickly for everyone, but it will come. Some day.

1. Always - Blink 182

Blink 182 were never strangers to love songs, but they definitely have their own way of doing them. This song has a strong backbeat and even stronger lyrics. It's all about the attraction you have to someone you're not sure you can be with anymore. When you're alone, this is the feeling you often have, regretting not trying harder with exes or people that you come across in passing. Sometimes it's just easier to be our of love, than in it.

2. Champagne Supernova - Oasis

The lyrics of this song might appear sad to some, but in reality they're hopeful. It's got this tone of embracing the situation that you're in, while understanding that there are some things that can't change. Whether you're going through a transitional period or just waiting for the right person. This is a song that can get you through.

3. For Lovers - Peter Doherty

If you're really in a lovey dovey mood this is a song that can make you cry after about 15 seconds. This is a song written for the people who just want to run away with their lover and never look back. It's just a completely beautiful song, perfect for those who want

4. Call Me Back - The Strokes

Have you ever felt that 4AM feeling, when you know you're waking up alone, and the sun is close to hitting your face. Work has to happen at 9, but you're nowhere near ready. This is the song that the people closing the bar play when you're supposed to get the hell out. Regardless of the vibe it gives off, this is a love song, and perfect for the times you feel alone.

5. I Still Want You - Brandon Flowers

This song describes that old school kind of love. If you've been dating someone for a while, or are married to them a lot of people will assume that you've lost interest. Further more, if you end up spending a lot of time alone you can tend to lose interest in yourself, and how you interact with the world. The biggest thing about being alone, is knowing yourself and fighting to be comfortable. This is the kind of song that can get you there.
I've never heard the last one, but man is it catchy. Thanks for that one!