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I am a major fan of Ru Paul's Drag Race. It's like, my favorite show on TV. It combines the factors of a beauty pageant, talent competition and reality show to make some incredible TV magic.
Season 8 was highly anticipated, and one of my favorite queens finally made the cut!
Kim Chi is one of the only Korean drag queens. Her namesake represents one of the most famous Korean side dishes!
She was born in the United States but was raised in South Korea. Her drag career started in 2012 in Chicago and she blew up from there.

There are a lot of K-Pop and Anime enthusiasts on Vingle, Kim Chi is YOUR queen. She embodies that beautiful, colorful world and will literally make you stop in your tracks with her looks.

Here she is giving Gyeran (egg) realness!

Her style is described as "Anime Fantasy" and is characterized by cartoonish makeup and high fashion concepts. Aside from being an extremely fashionable queen, she's also a very kind person.
A lot of girls on the show get a reputation for being totally bitchy and shady, but Kim Chi is one of the rare ones: reserved, polite and genuinely grateful for any opportunity to share her gifts. I admire that, humility is beautiful!
There's something magical about Kim Chi. From her style, to her personality to her reverence for her culture she is definitely one to watch!
On episode 2 of the season, we got to learn a little bit about this fierce Korean-American queen. She's struggled with weight, her heritage and her sexuality but has come out on top as one of the world's premiere drag artists. And yes, what she does is art!
After spending a bit of time in Korea, it became obvious to me that there are reservations about sexuality and the expression of it. However, people like Kim Chi are going to make it possible for people all over the world to express themselves fully and beautifully. That is truly inspiring!

You can catch up with Kim Chi on her social media, you won't be disappointed!

Instagram: @KimChiChic

And don't forget to watch Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 8, Mondays at 9PM on Logo.

ALASKA Hiiiiiiii hahah YES. I love ADORE too! And BendelaCreme! I forgot some too haha. I love adore's music too @szewwy I'm so glad there's another drag race fan on here. I was thinking about making some more cards about it. @marshalledgar has a fab collection all dedicated to Alyssa Edwards hahah
I now feel like a potato
@jordanhamilton @EasternShell if you thought the other card was crazy...check out miss Kim Chi. UGH. Can't get enough of her!
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@TessStevens because the make up is flawless and when I do mine it's a few flaws
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