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Today is Twitter's Tenth Birthday! And to celebrate their progress over the past ten years, I thought it might be nice to see the progress they've made to come where they are now.

The original Twitter was called twtter (back when vowels were out of style) and looked like this...

It's not denying that Twitter came a long way. But many suggest that Twitter is dying-off, because of the large number of people leaving Twitter, but also because of their lack of new members. No one is coming in and people aren't staying long!

So here's the changes that they implemented/planning to implement.

1. A feed that caters more to your interests.
Twitter can get messy an overwhelming. The new setting (which you have to turn on yourself) allows users to switch on the feed catered to their interests.
You know what I'm talking about
3. Moments
News has been a huge part of Twitter, and so they are catering to aggregating tweets under topics.
4. The Character Limit.
There was speculation on adding more characters, but as of yesterday, it was confirmed by Twitter CEO, they will not be changing the character limit.
But Twitter has vowed to make some changes in there future. So let's see what they can cook up this year to make it better!

Are you on Twitter? Do you like the new features so far?

@DaivonUnderwood I get that feeling too!! Totally I absolutely love Instagram!! haha I think you are right about everyone moving there, it's just more fun! @humairaa I log in like once every month... haha it's BAD
happy birthday twitter
Haven't logged in since a year or more i think
Everyone has moved to Instagram. When you tweet it's like talking to your cat which Epically meows back at you. 😹😹😹😹😹 Twitter is slowly but surely becoming a MySpace🗣@nicolejb
I never liked the concept of Twitter. It's a site where peeps can stalk other peeps. I like famous people, but geez
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