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Okay, so this card will mostly based on how these guys get hate on for no reason. It's more like a serious card (I'm sorry if it's too serious lol). Lately BTS have become world known for their talents and very inspiring songs. I know a lot of people who look up to them (I'm one of them too) and accept the fact they deserve every happiness. Although I know it's hard for them because many forget that they are people just like us.


So, I know Yoongi has been saying that he hasn't cried before because that would mean that he has gotten weak. He criticizes himself harshly and tries to contain his emotions. And I relate a lot to Yoongi. I've always held in my emotions and I never wanted to cry because I felt like I was only getting weaker. So I never cried. But in the end, a friend of mine told me that I didn't need to be strong. Crying never meant that I was weak. I was just being too strong for too long. I don't think Yoongi realizes that he inspires so much people with his music. Music that he loves to compose and express his feelings into them. When he sang "Born Singer" and started crying; I don't think he knows how much emotions washed over me. Because by then, Yoongi decided that he wouldn't cry anymore. So, I was crying because he finally let it all out. His emotions and stress. He released them. I feel like Yoongi doesn't want us to worry, but him holding in his emotions when he wants to cry is what makes us worry about him more.


Taehyung hasn't been hated on much except for that one time for singing "loser" by BIGBANG which I felt like many people were over reacting. They made one mistake turn into a tsunami. He's also been criticized for his smile. Which I don't get. Many people I know don't have the perfect smile, and yet they're beautiful to me. They have a unique smile that somehow reflect who they really are (I guess you can say). I'm just glad that Taehyung is happy and embraced his smile.


Okay, Jimin is the one where he feels like has to get the perfect body. But the thing is, wether or not he has abs or not that won't change the fact that we will never care about his toned abs. Yeah sure they sometimes makes us wanna die because OMG, but for me, I love his caring side. How much he cares for his members and his eye smiles. His adorable side. Nowadays, I know he's been eating good and doesn't care if he has abs or not, but a lot of so called "true ARMYS" are leaving because Jimin lost his abs. Which makes me upset. Is him starving himself and only working out everyday really important than his bright smile? Or his eye smile? Or what about his bright personality? I wish they could understand.


Okay, well I feel like Jungkook hasn't been hated much either. Uh, correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like Jungkook hasn't been getting hate (which is good). I know that's he's been criticized for his English, but I mean I don't understand why. Like, he's from a different country??? He tries his best to learn English like come on people give him some credit. But if he does ever get hate then I hope he can shrug it away because he's the "Golden Maknae" and nothing can ever bring down this cute lil' cinnamon roll.


J-Hope, the sunshine of all sunshine. He's so radiate and can make anyone smile in just a second. But of course there's always something that brings down even the most happiest people alive. For me I feel like J-Hope tries his best to be happy at all times. He never shows when he's tired, sad, depressed, angry, etc,. It's like he feels he has that responsibility of making us smile and not make us worry about him. Whenever I see him, there are times when I can tell that he's having a bad day, but he hides that by being his usual self and giving his signature smile, but it looks forced. That's why I always wanted to tell him that whenever he wants to cry he can cry. Whenever he feels mad he can be mad. Depressed or whatever. He doesn't have to hide it. That only makes us worry more. It's like Yoongi's problem. They don't have to hold it in anymore. They have people right next to them that will always support them. And they also have us too. They don't need to feel like they have that responsibility of always being happy.


So, a lot of people are saying that Jin doesn't have any talent whatsoever but (sorry for my language) that's bullshit I say. Jin has the most smooth and amazing voice my ears has ever heard. He's so confident and that's what I like about him. He knows he can't dance well but he still tries anyways. Jin is unbelievable smart, caring, and hard to bring down. He may not be my bias but he's wildly handsome too (though that's not the real reason why I like him). Jin is sweet and is like a mother to the members. He worries a lot about them. He cooks for them. If the members ever get a flu or something he'll nurse them back to health whenever he can. Things like that. That's what I like. Especially his silly side.


So here's what my problem is. Namjoon has been getting so much hate before because he wasn't a good leader. They harassed him and hated on him for his mistakes and the things he's done before. But those people act like they haven't made a mistake in their life. They tell him to drop out from BTS and stop being who he is and start acting how people want him to act. All these things. This made me unbelievably upset. Namjoon is the most intelligent and inspirational person I've ever meet. And he doesn't deserve to get any hate. The song "whalien 52" talks about how lonely he is. He's explaining that he feels like a lonely whale who's pretty much alone all the time, and whenever he calls out hoping that someone will call back and tell him that he'll be alright. There's no call back which brings him back to reality. It's sad really. He tried his best and he gives his all but yet people don't appreciate it. I wish that I can be there and tell him that he's going go far. Many people feel inspired by his rap and the music he (and also the boys) produce. Just like he wanted. I feel like as long as he knows that people feel inspired or moved by his rapping and music, and show him that we really are moved by his hard work. That's what I feel like he can gain his confidence and pick himself up. Namjoon may not be my bias but I believe in him (and also all the other boys) and I believe that he's going to go far with his music (and Yoongi) and rapping that they put all their blood, sweat, and tears into them. I appreciate Namjoon a lot, and I'm glad he's the leader of BTS ๐Ÿ’•
So that's pretty much it you guys. I know some of this probably won't make sense but I hope you guys can agree and hopefully others (who hate on those members) see this and hope that what they say actually hurts. Sorry for this long and serious card ๐Ÿ˜‚ but hopefully you enjoyed it.
couldn't have said it any better myself. BTS might not be perfect, but no one is and to expect them to be perfect is outrageous. BTS is spectacular and like diamonds in my eyes and all the armies that don't care about artifial things like their abs, smiles or what's expected probably think the same thing too. Nice card ๐Ÿ˜
I feel everything in this card on so many levels. Only true ARMYs would feel this way about each member. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ‘
yes i completely agree!!!! i get so emotional everytime i hear someone hating on them especially jimin and rapmon. jimin cuz hes so self conscious and he listens to haters too much he dont need to cuz he should onlycare what real armys think and say. we are the ones who love them for who they really are. and rapmon cuz he gets hated on no matter what he does or says.
I believe that when someone is selected to become a leader, you will be criticized harshly for no reason. Or with a reason. But RapMon was selected at a young age and I'm happy that RapMon was and is still standing strong. He's sad that all these harsh things are attacking him. But he's not gonna let some anonymous person take him down. Shine For Us BTS!!
@moonchild03 Yeah, I also didn't think it was born singer at first but then I started seeing gifs and pictures of Yoongi crying during born singer. It even said so on the titles, and I could believe it because when BTS sang born singer pretty much everyone of them started crying. So I assume that he did cry during that song too.
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