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Everyone's favorite wasteland pup just won an award at The CW's World Dog Awards (which are real, apparently) for Top Video Game Dog. And sure, maybe there aren't a lot of video game pups -- there was that Call of Duty dog a couple years ago -- but Dogmeat, to me anyway, is still the cutest of all video game cutie pups.
And, yeah, sure Dogmeat isn't real. But the dog who was used as an influence for Dogmeat is the real winner here. River, owned by one Bethesda's game designers, was the actual dog who took the award home. They even shared a picture of her their Twitter account.
I know that this is probably the silliest news to ever have hit video games. But I still think it's pretty cool. Because dogs are good. Dogs are so good. How do you not know how good dogs are? They're the best. They're almost perfect.
Look at River. Look at her pose with her little golden fire hydrant that she'll probably put on her shelf next to a picture of herself as a puppy. I kind of wish that I knew about these World Dog Awards before today because I would gladly spend my night watching puppies win awards for being awesome instead of fiddling around on the Internet.
that's so awesome lop