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It's Monday guys so you already know what that means ,right? It's Markie Pooh Monday so let's show our love for him by making cards and things like that! Be sure to tag me and the team in them! Did you guys watch the broadcast this morning? Am I the only one who's heart exploded!? I'm just so happy and so proud of our boys! Like I can't even explain
So..can we please talk about how good Mark looks in this he was completely turnt and his rap was fire! I was really just happy to hear so much from him in the song you know what I mean? Orange is definitely his color as well and his hair looks amazing as well! ❤
He is just too cute and look at that smile. Always bright
Credit for these photos go to the owners! Hope you guys are having a good day!! Love you guys! GOT7 Team: @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero  @ManduBum @UnnieCakesAli @luna1171 Tag List  @LenaBlackRose @AimeeH @sarangseoltang  @XionHeart @SharayahTodd @KpopQuixxMarie @GDsGF @GenesisZiporrah @Gianlica @KpopGaby @kpopdeluxegirl @kpopisnylife @PrettieeEmm @punkpandabear @kpop14young   @GUMMYB34RZz @JohnEvans @staceyholley @MaricelvaRomero @EmilySavage @EmilyGardner @HuonTreeRoo  @CreeTheOtaku @ElizabethT  @Exoexo @DestinyMcCauley  @VKookie47  @TracyLynnn @wiviDemol @DeeNice @UnnieCakesAli  @maddiedo @marshalledgar @H8rt4u @hmelodie @sarahpjane @SusiBosshammer @MelaninMonroe @KatieRussell @xroyalreisx @xsandos17 @VeronicaArtino @otakukpopgirl @AnnieGoodman @adikiller @ArianaVenti @amandamuska @AlloBaber @jcl4rkson @AimeeH @AmbieB @awesaawQqwq2qq @RebeccaLondon @wondergirl   @themrshongki  @namjoonswife @ninjamidori @NEOisRealo @nnatalieg @Nerukawong @NalaniCerteza @VictoriaBossier @Vlargo @VixenViVi @Jiyongixoxo @JamiMilsap @JennieThor @YessicaCardenas @Ivethcrisoforo @RogueLeigh @AlysaNguyen @Sammie99522 @IGot7Forever @SHINee808 @TerraToyaSi @AyamenTenchu @Maddie27 @AlexisRiver @TashiannaBostic  @jazgaara33 @CrystalGuerra @KaiJae  @orchiofriend549 @yeniyx23  @MichelleMonroe @aegyoxprinMOcess @SugaMint @Helixx @kpopandkimchi  @DamarisCisneros   @SugaKookies  @Ercurrent  @BrandyBell16 @mbg3t @jeniseglasper @EliseB  @resavalencia @CuteBabyLay  @HopeElizabeth  @Xoxojessica12 As always let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged in future cards
😍😍😍 Got to love mark
@AaliyahNewbell .thank you. .lol.. you know I am crazy about him (them) lol
@amandamuska glad I could help make your day a little better @luna1171 lol ikr
@amandamuska ..yeees .. may baby has improved so so much.. can't have enough ..I just like to hear his part over and over ..even Jackson's voice has change.....Now those gifs that you posted.. the sub..tho.. it's Screaming Markson's Love . .ahahhaha. .Iam crazaaazy!!! lol
this made my monday a little better so thanks i love mark