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Hello Fitness friends! I'm back for my weekly update on Making March Better. If you are just joining the group, here's an update on my goals for this month!
1. Yoga workout 4 times a week!
2. Drink 3 16-oz bottles of water a day!
My goal is to meditate 1-2 times per day. With this, I think it'll help motivate me to move even in the evening.

Here are my struggles this week, and ways I'm going to try to get around them!

Drinking Water is BORING

Seriously though, there is no flavor and when you are sitting doing nothing but work and drinking water, the routine is just bleh. Last weeks struggle is this week perk!
To make my water more interesting I'm adding stuff into it. Infused water is fun, colorful, and it tastes so much better than regular. I bought a really cheap mason jar (so I can SEE my pretty water-- visual stimulation is also key) and frozen fruits. Every morning, I'm going to add a different fruit and filler up. This morning. I did strawberries and raspberries. Not only is frozen
Next few days: cucumber water, lemon ginger water, pineapple basil, and orange! I'm so excite to drink more!!

I know NOTHING about Yoga XD

My very best friend is a yoga instructor and personal trainer. She is the ultimate PRO at yoga, and has helped me a LOT. This weekend I went to go spend time with her and visit her as a yoga photoshoot (yeah, did I mention she's also a model?) The way her and the photographer were talking was scary though, I didn't know what poses they were talking about, what poses they were doing. It was scary to realize, like, I literally know nothing about this thing I'm trying to learn.
But then I remembered that everything takes time, and learning these things takes YEARS of practice. I should use this moment with her as inspiration to be better, not to discourage me from doing something I'm new at!
Anyway, that was my week. Thanks for following along friends!! Tagging a few new people that have been supportive!

How is your March going??

@alywoah I was told to do lemons but also try adding soothing herbs! Like basil or mint! @MiniV thank you for posting that yoga wine video from before!! :D are you a yogi??
Thanks for the mention/tag, @nicolejb! :)
Drinking water is definitely not fun. I just chug, chug, chug, chug. I also like to have lemons in my water too - makes it taste so much nicer.
How about you?
Not really a full-fledged "yogi," but i hope to get there soon! Someday. :)
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