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It is not the size of our achievement, as men see it, that makes its real value. A seed is a small thing, but it has in it a mysterious germ, and wherever it may fall it will grow into a beautiful thing. A secret lies hidden in many a quiet word or deed; it carries in it a germ of divine life. “What can I do today? Not praise to win, or glory to attain; Not gold, or ease, or power, or love to gain, Or pleasure gay; But to impart Joy to some stricken heart; To send some heaven–born ray Of hope, some sad, despairing Soul to cheer; To lift some weighting doubt; Make truth more clear; Dispel some dwarfing fear; To lull some pain; Bring to the fold again Some lamb astray; To brighten life for some one, Now and here, This let me do today.”