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That Hellblade trailer I wrote about last week that had some of the most beautiful visuals I've ever seen in a game was apparently made in real-time. Some of the tech that Ninja Theory has been using is stellar for a team that's only made up of 16 people.
When I was watching the trailer last week, I wondered if they did any kind of motion capture for that scene and after seeing this video again, it looks like they have. But their version of mo-cap is a lot different than what most game studios use.
Instead of recording the performance first and then rendering everything afterwards. It looks like everything happens in real-time. The technology they use allows the actor and the team to see what everything will look like in-game.
Honestly, if this allows for accurate portrayals of human people in video games, I want more studios to start using it. I can't even begin to imagine the possibilities that this tech will offer to other game genres. Also, there's something really awesome about Ninja Theory taking an independent approach to making a Triple-A title.
Are you guys as excited for this game as I am?