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Today I had my first run in with a fellow k-pop fan in a non k-pop environment!
I was at the mall because I needed to get a hair cut. There were three girls in front of me in line. Two were standing behind the third girl, who was at the counter talking to the receptionist.
The stylist took the girl around to her station and the other two girls went to sit down and wait. I checked into my appointment and was taken over to my stylist's station. The hairdressers' stations are situated in a way where you can see some of the stations on the other side with the clients facing you. When I sat down, I made eye contact with the girl from before, who was in front of me. We both looked down at the same time at each others' shirts and our eyes widened.
I was wearing my Big Bang shirt and she had on a BTS shirt!
Her jaw dropped and she gasped. She looked back up at me and waved with the biggest smile on her face.
I let out a little squeal and waved back, pointing to her shirt and giving her a thumbs up. She beamed and returned the gesture.
The whole time we were there, we were trying not to look at each other or else we would just start laughing and we had already gotten weird looks from our stylists. She finished before me so as she walked by, she gave me a little smile and a knowing nod. I nodded back and finished up my hair cut alone.
We never spoke to one another. I know nothing about her.
But I feel like I just made a new friend today.
Have any of you ever had a run in with a fellow k-pop fan where you least expected it?
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all the time in college classes 馃槀馃槀馃槀 This chick wore a BTS jersey and right after class ended, I called out "Jimin has no jams!!" and she (well everyone at this point) turned around and stared at me but then she was like "my hearteu!!" best moments ever! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
That's so fun!!
Undercover fangirl!!!!! Like you both share a inner Kpop fangirling!! moment!!! this is so good..(I will be waving at her like "I know Jimin is HOT" with my shirt lift a little from my waist......she will know what I was referring to.)
This is awesome
Lucky I wish I could meet a fellow kpop fan T.T
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