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What would Kookie be like as a boyfriend you ask? Well he'd probably be a bit shy at first, CUTE!! But he'd warm up to you really quick 💖


He'd make sure you stay healthy and well fed! Nothing is more important than making sure his girl is satisfied with her meals, either homemade together or going out on a date. Of course desert is always a must! He'd prefer your homemade dishes over the restaurant any day. (Just don't tell Jin he said that!)


He would lend you some of his infinite amount of plain tshirts, hoodies, hats, and sweats. He'd like that you are dressed in his clothes.


He's a guy who would love to cuddle with you. Either paired with watching a movie and snacks or just after a long day at work. The feeling of holding each other is something he would cherish every time.


He'd take you out to an amusement park and try out new rides with you. Win you prizes at the games in the stalls. Take pictures with you and upload them on social sites. Then there would be the romantic and special dates he'd plan for weeks when it's your anniversary. And yes they would be a bit cheesy!


He love to sing to you when you need cheering up. Or when he just wants to see that smile on your face that he like to see so much. Most likely to sing or hum while going out with you. You'd have songs DEDICATED TO YOU!!!

Missing you

When he's on tour and promoting with the guys he'd send you snaps, messages and update you on everything. Call you whenever he has a chance just to hear you voice and talk about your day.
Welp. I hope you guys liked this and see how SWEET of a guy he'd be as your boyfriend! Let me know if you want to be tagged or you can follow my collection. See ya next time Kookie monsters🍪✌🏼️ @NaughTAE @staceyholley @VeronicaArtino @ChelseaAustin @SaiT @Emealia @sarahdarwish @herreravanessa9 @DestinaByrd @AlloBaber @LaynicornLay @PrincessUnicorn @RihannaTiaMay @KatieRussell @SugalessJams @ILikeHisFace123 @heidichiesa @SugaOnTop @katiems @DesireeChucklez @jaebug @moonchild03 @terenailyn @xsandos17 @SarahVanDorn @11erinmims @kpopandkimchi @JinsPrincess86 @Tigerlily84 @PrettieeEmm @byeolbit @ChelseaJay @KellyOConnor @poojas @VixenViVi @StephanieDuong @KDramaKPop1015 @MadAndrea @VIPforever123 @fallchild @solodaywithB1A4 @CreeTheOtaku @MorleeCorielus @JaxomB @ARMYStarlight @luna1171 @AgentLeo @Roxt1903 @amandamuska @GDsGF @amobigbang @sherrysahar @kpopdeluxegirl @CheyenneJesse @KaceyDodge @MyaIsNotSexy @DeniseiaGardner @abiersack666 @Taehyungkey @BtsIsLife @Bitterlimelight @KpopQueenaBee @Rhia @Kieuseru @sherrysahar @VIPFreak2NE1 @yewookyu @Kyokeo @JohnEvans @taetaebaozi @RainaC3 @reyestiny93 @terenailyn @LilySilver @KpopGaby @heidichiesa @KeziahWright @Dabaesaplayer @ShimJooKyung @SamanthaRae19 @DawanaMason @destiny1419 @AlloBaber @SugalessJams @ninjamidori @PrettieeEmm @JadeOwens @Helixx @Dabaesaplayer @Ercurrent @KwonOfAKind @JasminMartinez @torchix @jessicacheung97 @MandyNoona @jaykook @HarperKennett @DawanaMason @btsgotshinee @AdiaJasinski @shisuschrist @SugaMint @BulletproofV @saraortiz2002 @tinathellama @wordlesseyes @ChelseaGarcia @externallyeli @imahurrucane @amberg171997 @ArmyofKookie @JordanShuler @SunshineChang @tazneemhinnawl
So sweet lol he seems like once he got passed any awkwardness that he'd be super devoted
Oh fine Jungkook, I'll date you...aish...twisting my arm why don't ya
Can I please have him!??!!? 😍😍😍😍
This is so cute 😁☺️😍❤️...Can you do one for Suga, please 😁🙈
I want to be tagged
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