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Okay so this is from a assignment I had last quarter. ^^ Might put other things up too.
As you can see it is my daughter, Alita's, face over a renaissance painting. I really liked the way it came out. (Using photoshop) ^^
@danidee Great idea. I need to look into it.
I did it for a picture of my dad once and it came out really well. :D
@danidee Oh I didn't even think of that! That would be nice. ^^
I think you could take it to Office Depot or Staples and they can even blow it up pretty nicely without sacrificing too much resolution!
@nicolejb Yes and that sounds adorable. At my college there are cats merged with owls XD Image Manipulation was the course though. @danidee Thank you and yep I have a printed version on matte paper. I would like to get another copy though since the ink was running low. XD
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