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So, in case my cosmetic surgeries didn't elicit a visceral response, perhaps my first foray into makeup (as a man who was born a man and identifies as a man).

You're going to love this or hate this. Let me know!

If you're like me or this woman, then you too have eyebrows that are too thin, overly plucked--making you look like a hot mess!
For YEARS I have struggled with my brows because they're just too thin, which began as a regrettable plucking stunt in high school. If that wasn't bad enough, I fell into the 3% of people whose eyebrows don't grow back. LIKE EVER! Not even a little bit!
So, like a really bad tattoo, my face has been marked by nasty eyebrows, unfitting for a guy who was born a guy and identifies as a guy.
At almost 39 years old, I finally decided to take action. I'd researched hair transplant therapy and other medical options to get fuller brows. All of which were too expensive, painful and unimpressive.
As soon as I got home I played around with these products to give the illusion that my horrid eyebrows are full and masculine. Nothing like a little makeup to bring out the man in me! LOL
Since this was my first attempt at applying and wearing makeup, I can't say that I have come close to perfecting it. However, the results, after using just these two products is incredible!
I am going to take a before and after photo (tonight or tomorrow) and then upload it so you all can see. AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! LOL
Granted, the Gimme Brow is not sweat proof, so that's unfortunate since I go to the gym almost daily! So I am still open to other products that are on the market that are water and sweat proof so I can workout without makeup running!!!!! Could you imagine?!
Here's a cool infographic that I found for everyone looking to get perfect brows. This is just a simple cheat sheet that is meant more for matching skin shape to brow shape than actual brow shapes. DON'T GO TOO THIN! Remember, thin brows age you.
I am thinking that I should have gotten the Wunderbrow because of the water proof part. But I heard SOOOOOO MANY good things about Benefit that I went with that instead. I will keep you posted. @turtleyTurtles
This is a daily struggle of mine! And your story is very similar to mine. I actually shaved part of my brows in high school, and while some of them grew back, the parts that matter never did! Plus, I have naturally thin brows, (not enough hair). So I use a pencil to try to make them look darker and longer. I'm so sick of doing the pencil every day, and have been searching for the perfect product... I can't go out and buy a bunch of products that don't work, and essentially go into the trash. So I am excited to see your results! I have looked into a brow gel called Wunderbrow, which is waterproof and has fibers in it, giving the look of real hair... It's $22, which isn't bad, but I'm afraid of it not working for me! This is a big struggle that many deal with, so we appreciate you trying stuff and showing us the results! 馃槉
I love love love it! I never really touch my brows, except for gel and combing because I have those kind of big Cara Delevigne ones, but I love what you did here, it's a really natural, fresh look! I'd love to have you paint me sometime!!!
That's a really good point. I am going to take your advice @hykaymm and do that this weekend. I'm already going there for a micro-dermabrasion. I'll just add the brow bar to the mix :)
@marshalledgar Hmmm....have you tried going to Ulta's Brow Bar before? I know that sounds totally crazy, but maybe if you talk with some one there & let them show you how they'd do it you'll feel better about the results!
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