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Being in a long distance relationship is tough. A couple of the experiences that I've had with long distance have always ended horribly -- and I probably wouldn't do it again if I could avoid it -- but there's always that first couple of weeks where you think you can accomplish anything. And that's what Waxahatchee's Blue (Pt. II) covers.
I think there's something beautiful about the idealistic/romantic thought that one person would wait until they can finally be around the person they love, no matter how long it takes. For a while, I used to believe that something like this was possible. And every time I hear this song, I remember what that feels like.
I remember what it feels like to truly decide that I'd wait for someone even though there were certain circumstances that kept us apart. It's an honest feeling. And even though I rarely feel like I'd be able to wait for anyone at this point, I still like to remember what that feels like with this song.
I left a live version of this song at the bottom of the card. Mostly because I think this version where Katie sings with her sister, Allison, is more beautiful than the one on the record.

Notable/All Lyrics:

If you think that I'll wait forever, you are right and I'll give you everything you wanted if I can. And when I look into your olive colored eyes. I feel a breach, it makes me cry, it makes me cry. I wake up early every morning and you sleep for hours after me. In our darkened bedroom, I can't breathe behind this curtain that we keep. We'll wake up sober two weeks later; and we're loving... The atmosphere is fucking tired it brings us nothing. If you think that I'll stay forever you are right and I'll give you everything you wanted when I can. And it may look like every hour is dictated by the chance of rain. We won't melt or die. We won't even feel an ounce of pain.
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I had to do long distance last summer and it looks like I'm doing it again. It's a bummer but little things like these lyrics help :/