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I am so envious of this girl! Could the guy have done a more perfect proposal? Nope! This proposal looks like it should be fresh out of a Nicholas Sparks' book or movie.

The story.

Shelby Tucker is the lucky woman who is now engaged to an amazing man who proposed to her with a puppy and a ring. Shelby's boyfriend (now fiance) gave Shelby a chocolate lab puppy. Shelby's reaction is priceless as she breaks down in tears. And it gets even better when her boyfriend asks her to read the dog's tag, which has an engagement ring tied on it.
Her reaction is the same as my reaction, "Is this real?"
And, of course, she said yes!
Watch this adorable proposal video and I promise you will be smiling or crying by the end of it.

A job well done for the boyfriend!

Imagine if you were the girl who got proposed to with a puppy. I'd suddenly feel SO MUCH PRESSURE to say yes!
The responsible part of me wants to say 'dont give a girl a puppy unless you've talked it over first' but most of me just wants to say LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS
Hahahaha it's like, "How am I going to raise thing puppy on it's own. HE NEEDS A FATHER" ;) @danidee
a puppy and a ring!!! I would be crying so hard just like this!