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It's business as usual for the Austin (TX) Police Department. During the SXSW festival, The Peaceful Streets Project was out documenting hours of video footage with some of the material containing numerous human rights violations perpetrated by the Austin Police against civilians.
In one such case, a handcuffed man was pepper sprayed at close range by a cop, later identified as Cameron Caldwell, who violated the station's own rule about the use of pepper spray, used only if the "subject is under physical restraint unless the subject is still aggressively resisting and lesser means of controlling the subject have failed."
In case you're of the mind, "What's the big deal?" Despite the fact that the civilian was restrained and already in police custody, pepper spray has been known to cause irreversible and permanent damage.
In another case, a corrupt cop erroneously pulled over a woman and used pepper spray on her within inches of her eyes--after she was restrained and despite the fact that police pepper spray should never be used less than 5 feet from another person!

Is anyone else sick and tired of police brutality?! Anybody?!

Yeah, @Danidee. Pepper spray isn't just some mild eye irritant. Cops know this and yet they continue to use it like it's nothing, blinding people and inflicting bodily harm against the very people they are hired to protect and serve. It's disgusting what cops get away with.
Wow, I had no idea that pepper spray could be permanently damaging like that.
I wish corrupt abusive cops like Cameron Caldwell would be fired--never again to be a cop or member of law enforcement again!
Pepper spray is incredibly painful!! Honestly if you've been hit with it you'd think twice about inflicting that on someone else. Especially someone unarmed and not posing a threat. I'm absolutely an advocate of self defense and this isn't self defense. It's an appalling abuse of power.
@marshalledgar sooner or later things are gonna blow 馃様
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