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Hello whats up and were back again with yet another Song Of The Day
"Kwon where have you been, its been so looooong"
Yes I know its been quit a while since our last SOTD which is why i thought this song was most suiting
Personally i really like this song its actually one of my favorites from IKON <3 (Dont even get me started on My Type because thats my JAM!!!)
Whats better than hearing IKON sing Apology? Well its watching them perform it live!
What is your favorite song from IKON?
Thats all for today guys have fun and dont forget to


Oh this song is beautiful and touching 😍
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Apology is my favorite song, but Anthem by Bobby And B.I. is in second place. I also like Airplane, What's wrong?, My Type, Dumb & Dumber, and Rhythm Ta
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