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EXO Reactions ; Finding Out They're Not Your Bias
(Y/N) : No, my bias is actually *names another Exo member*
Xiumin : Well...ok...*looks away*
Sehun : That's not what you said to me last night *wink wink*
Baekhyun : But I thought I was everyone's favorite..
Kyungsoo : *satansoo side comes out*
Chanyeol : I can change that.
Kai : *jealous af*
Lay : *confused af*
Suho : You're kidding, right?
Chen : Whatever, I don't need you.
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Baekhyun melts my frozen heart 😭
2 years ago·Reply
Baekhyun's expression killed me haha
2 years ago·Reply
😂😂😂 Kyungsoo scares me
2 years ago·Reply
Omg Kai's!! He looked sooo sexy
2 years ago·Reply
I would be like "no, Chen, come back, I need you"
2 years ago·Reply