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Over the past couple of years, the NFL has put international brand expansion as a main focal point. As a result, we have seen games overseas, in particular London.
In an effort to continue exposing new people to the sport, they have discussed the possibility of playing games in China, Germany and Brazil, among other countries.
"We're going back to Mexico, and London has been very successful, and we're trying to introduce the NFL to more of the world, and of course that's the largest population of any country, in China," Houston Texans owner Bob McNair said. "They've expressed interest, so I suspect, yeah, we'll have a game over there. A lot of the value of the league is in the value of exposure of the media. Advertisers pay money based on how many people are seeing what they have to say. So, the more people you have watching what you're doing, the more value your content has."
It really comes down to Advertising dollars in my opinion. If the NFL can generate enough revenue to make games like this make sense, they will take the risk. The hard part from a player perspective is the turnaround to play another game. Players bodies will be out of wonk for a couple days due to time zone changes. It's probably best to schedule these type of games before a bye week.

Do you think the NFL playing games in China is good for the league?

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@davidgom I agree, I think there's a lot of potential in that market for sports. The NBA crossing over to Asia with basketball is a prime example of the potential success they could have
@straightshooter I agree, does have a bit weird, but so did the idea of NFL games in London at one point
@duckthefodgers I agree, I think it's only a matter of time before they crossover or another league steps up and fills the void
@mchylang I agree, I think the NFL Could see great success in Asia
@mchylang I think the only thing holding them back is the time zone difference and preparing players for that crossover