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Well he did say if he ever ran for President to shoot him!
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@danidee I didn't know how I would survive the Twinkie famine. I literally panicked and bought tons of em. When I used to live in Florida, there was a hurricane so bad we had to evacuate. I didn't panic half as much as I did for me beloved twinkies.
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@YumiMiyazaki Omg, I've had to evacuate for a brush fire before. I'm surprised you were so brave! Evacuations are SUPER scary!! D:
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@danidee They sure are! My family and I were gone for a few days. It all happened so quickly. Plus, we had a bunch of pets: turtles, dogs, a rabbit, etc. They're like family and they were definitely coming with us and boy, was it crowded! A brush fire sounds scary! Omg, I would have just panicked all over the place. You're way braver than I was.
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@YumiMiyazaki It was the weekend before finals too. T_T I was so mad.
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@danidee Ugh, that sucks. I'd be mad too.
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