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Pirate chic has been a thing for the greater part of a century. Look at people like Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks and of course Johnny Depp (inspired by Keith Richards). There's something purely fantastic and fun about the rags and riches look of someone who spends all day plundering the high seas.
Rock and roll and this pirate themed look kind of go hand in hand, and as a musician myself I'm always looking for new, inspired pieces to wear on stage, or when I'm just out with my friends. It's also a great thing to discover designers who hand make their pieces.
You might never be a pirate, but you can definitely capture the spirit of one with your accessories!
UK Based Indie Jewlery designer Jane Hodgkiss is the brain behind Pirate Treasures. A quintessentially rock and roll jewelry company that gives you that edgy style with just a hint of steampunk chic. Hand made in London, these accessories are well thought out and totally worth the price.
Pairing industrial gears with floral teapot charms and rustic keys, Pirate Treasures gives you the perfect hodgepodge design. I can see myself pairing this necklace under the collar of a starched white shirt, with a leather jacket over it. That's style.
Actually, a lot of musicians tend to wear her creations including badass UK bands Trampolene and SisteRay. Utilizing tools like guitar picks, miniature guitar charms and rustic elements, it's impossible for musicians and stylists alike not to fall in love with the design.

There are several different kinds of jewelry on the site, including Steam Punk themed sets, and Vintage inspired accessories.

Of course, a line named after pirates wouldn't be complete without several Jack Sparrow inspired pieces like this necklace above.

You can check out more of the treasures on social media and at the Pirate Treasures Etsy Store!
I know where my next paycheck is going.
If you'd like to see more cards showcasing style and accessories inspired by rock and roll make sure to follow my Rock Star Style collection! You won't want to miss out!
The perfect term to describe it!!! Beautiful 馃槏馃槏
@jordanhamilton I thought you would like that one, really whimsical right!? For some reason @marshalledgar comes to mind as well. I feel like a steampunk wedding would DIE over these!
@marshalledgar @jordanhamilton I can see you guys gagging over this stuff!
I used to hang picks around my neck back in the day
Thabks for tagging me @TessStevens I love eclectic jewelry. the 2nd and 4th pics--amazing!!!
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