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I found this analogy on my Facebook page, and it made perfect sense to me. That's why I thought I'd share you Vinglers out there. For me: ♡♡♡ Love is something that we feel, experience and give. And if for some reason that the recipient of this "love" doesn’t respond in the same manner and ends up feeling hurt and heartbroken. "Love" is not the one to blame, never gave us this unpleasant feeling, the pain in our hearts but it's the "someone" whom we trusted, loved, respected that in the end that "someone" is not worth my time and love. ♡♡♡ So what do you guys think? Does it make sense to you?
Most people who get hurt played a role in it and blame should fall equally on both maybe a little more on the person giving up as they start the cycle of pain . There is no hate with out love there is no pain in side love ....people stepping out side of love to look at something else normally cause the pain . Love in its truest form a mother and child normally will never hurt . I agree love has one option inside it there is only love nothing else .
Ahh that makes sense. Another way to look at. @atmi
not really. from my experience, love does hurt you not because someone don't know how to love you but by someone who hate to see you in love.