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Card #1: Spring Words + Vocab!

Since the weather is becoming nicer and the sun is shining, it's only appropriate to learn some spring vocabulary~ ♡ don't worry, guys! I'm a native speaker :)
달콤한 (dal-kom-han) - sweet [0:39] 봄 (bom) - spring [0:48] 벚꽃 (beot-kkot) - cherry blossom [1:07] * The little brackets are the time that you can find the words in the MV :) Also, the word 꽃 (kkot) means flower~

See how they're used in sentences!

I'll give an example for each word: • 이 달콤함 사탕 -- translates to "this sweet candy" (informal) • 이 왔네요 -- translates to "spring has come" (formal) • 벚꽃이 피였다 -- translates to "the cherry blossoms are blooming" (informal)

High4 and IU - Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms

Practice your pronunciation by listening to the words in this song. It's a lovely song perfect for the soft, spring vibes.
If you need help with the word , you should listen to Roy Kim's 'Bom Bom Bom'. It's repeated a while for the chorus ;)

Hope I helped!

Feel free to practice using them in sentences in the comments! I'll answer any questions you guys have :)

What is your favorite thing about 봄?

xoxo daljiyong
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