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We hear it all the time; "you've changed" with that ever so sticky tone that makes it sound like the worst thing in the world you could do. Our changing takes the blame for friends drifting, love ending, families fighting. But I would advise you to be wary of those you try to stunt your change. Life is meant to be anything but consistent so why should you be? Every time you change, you are one step closer to the person you want to be, (in your teen years, who you think you want to be.) You are allowed to stumble, you are allow to make mistakes, but each choice will bring you closer to who you are, and will inevitably change you. Embrace the change, and enjoy the growth. You are beautiful and always will be.
Personal growth is good.
I totally agree! And even though change is scary because it can be way different or something unknown never shy away from it. When you change you are gaining amazing life experiences you never would have experienced if you never took the chance and embraced the change. Change is unknown, it is meant to be scary. Why? Because it dares you to push yourself into life situations that you can adapt to and grow to love. If you never seek change life will become boring and monotonous. Sure that may sound fine now, but in the future people are bound to leave you as they follow their path of change. Just like anything else in the world change is life experiences that mature someone into becoming more knowledgable about the world around them. Change allows us as human beings to reach out to others and make more connections.
Love this! I've been told that on so many occasions and I always thought it was a good things