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Actually... maybe!

For a lot of people, the Winter Soldier movie was their first introduction to Sam Wilson aka the Falcon. Sam has been around since 1969, primarily as one of Captain America's allies. But some readers felt like they might have been something more. Like whoever wrote this letter to the editor published in 1973, Captain America vol 1 #162.
[Text: The really sad part about it is our society dictates that all Cap and the Falcon could do was 'look' at each other because 'they are men, and more would embarrass'. I hope that one day soon there will be no such 'rules of behavior' and everyone can look at everyone else as a person and not necessarily have to change any of their actions of words just because the other person is a male of a female. Maybe some day...]

Here are the panels being referred to:


Let's be real for a second though.

The Marvel film franchise is being run by Disney. On a scale of one to 'never gonna happen', how likely do you think it is that they'd actually portray Captain America, one of their most financially successful heroes, as anything other than heterosexual? We can read into the subtext and the history of the comics all day. But will it ever be textual? Will it ever be anything other than a nice idea? And what about Sam? How many positive images of nonwhite men attracted to other men are there? How invested is Disney in making that happen? We like to think we've made it a long way...

Sometimes, it doesn't feel like we've come very far at all.

It seems a little trivial honestly. It's a comic book. A fictional character. And when it comes to representation, we don't even have that much. "Maybe some day" indeed.
Ok so anyone hope for a homosexual relationship is hoping way too hard (pun intended) and reading way too much into it. They have a relationship that of brothers. So for cap to have said "I love you man, I'm glad your still here" (WHICH IS WHAT WAS IMPLIED) would've be too "soft". But that's it
That's exactly how I felt ^^ back in the day you did anything more than shake a man's hand or pat his back then they'd look at you like, "what's the matter boy? You like penis?" so homophobic in the past one flirty look from a guy and you had to kick his ass lest you be called a faggot