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"He threatened my life saying that he's gonna kill our mom, do we really want what happened to dad to come to life? I'm sorry for putting you in danger but I had no other choice. I know you're my brother and that I shouldn't have done what I did but, really, if you were in my shoes; disabled and unable to do anything about the situation.... what would you do? put your life on the line and save mom? or live while mother dies?. You can't decide because you know i'm right. Sure what I'm saying sounds way too stupid and selfish... but I'm sure that because if you were in my position you would have no other choice... but of course.... you can always risk YOUR life and not mine or mom's." "I'm not angry about what you did to Mark and I, I'm angry at the fact that we put all of our trust in you without knowledge of what you were really doing. Shit, how could I be so stupid. Look, I know you did it to protect mom but you need to know that you put YOUR brother's life in danger... as well as Mark's life, he's that dumbass's son." "I know, I know, I know I fucked up and fucked up real big. If maybe life was a little simplier we wouldn't have to sacrifice so much. But I guess life is just a little piece of shit that doesn't give a fuck about anybody. It sucks to live like this." "No shit Sherlock, no one wants to live like this... not even those who want to live dangerous." "Hmph, I remember when you liked to live that dangerous life, uhm uhm, you sure liked to get dirty in the dumbs." "Yah!...... I was a good-looking man back then, hell, all the girls wanted me, hmph, even the guys." "Hmph!, the ol' days when life used to be fun." "Yeah.... the ol' days."
"You know I never realized how boring it was here in Seoul." "Maybe it's because you're such a couch potato Mark" "Shut up" "You know it's more calm this way... just us, in our room letting the day pass by slowly." "Hm!, it is a pretty day... reminds me of when we used to run around over the crazy hills back when we were little." "Oh yeah, I remember; you were so little and cute... your cheeks were so cute and chubby!" "YAH!, MY CHEEKS ARE NOT CHUBBY!" "Yes they are, look, I can see the chubbiness on them right now (chuckleling)" "JACKSON STOP!! it hurts" I lean in to give him one of those kisses I used to see so much on Kdramas, can he really be this cute? "What was that for?" "Just because" "Hmm, it IS a pretty day today" "It is isn't it"