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I believe I did a card of this ship child Waaaaaaaaay back when. But I was a noob to the site then so it doesn't really count. And this is very new and improved! If you are still curious here is the link: Moving on!
So Kim Namjoon aka RapMonster ......
.....and Kim SeokJin aka Jin.....
..... make a Lee HongBin aka Hongbin from Vixx!
I take suggestions from everyone! Oh and, the OTP can be ANY TWO PEOPLE! They don't have to be of the same group, as long as you ship them. Hopefully, I'll update again this upcoming Saturday. Comment for suggestions/tagged for future updates! Bye-bye!
PS and if you still don't believe me...
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@CristalTrujillo thanks for making this i love them so much
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@InnocentiaKishi You're welcome!
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coincidence? I THINK NOT
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