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It empowers us.

Representation is something that's easily taken for granted if you have it- I know I personally didn't understand its importance until I realized how much it was lacking. On paper it seems incredibly insignificant. But seeing people that look like you, live like you, love like you, happy and successful, in real life and in fiction, is incredibly invigorating. And for a lot of people, it's incredibly rare. Even though women make up half the population, they are represented at well below 50% in film, are quoted less often in newspapers, and radio (via). That demonstrates a lack of power and respect, not to mention fewer employment opportunities for women in media fields. The same is true of nonwhite people. According to our last census, non-Hispanic white people comprised only 62.6% of the American population, but you wouldn't know it from our media.
It's a choice to make people invisible. It's time for us to make a different choice.
@nicolejb I'm glad you had someone there for you!
Love this!! If I didn't have a professor in college who showed me inspiring women in my field, I probably wouldn't have the courage to follow that passion.
Patrick Stewart said that when Goldberg came and asked to join the STNG cast, she said that when she saw "Stat Track" as a child, she used to think, "By the 23th century, one of us is going to make it"
@orenshani7 PStew is a probably always going to be my Captain