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With March Madness fever taking over the sports world, everyone is critiquing the NBA playoff set up.
Some people believe that a "one and done" playoff series would be good for the game. Rockets FM Daryl Morey shared his thoughts on the situation with press this week.
When Sports Illustrated writer Pablo S. Torre mentioned that single game elimination was full of error, Morey replied on Twitter "nba playoffs should be single elimination like Euroleague final four."
There are a couple reasons I believe this won't happen, but the main one is MONEY. The NBA makes a KILLING on playoff series. The more games, the better. The seven game series build momentum after each game. Players don't complain about it, the coaches love it and the consumers get to see their favorite teams a lot during a short stretch of time.

Should the NBA have a single game elimination playoff round?

I think March Madness is enough for single elimination tournaments
Yeah I like the idea of a wild card game haha. Best thing the MLB has ever done!
Then there are going to be so many upsets and teams that worked their ass off for 82 games can get eliminated just because they have one off night and I don't think that's fair. Also, money's another good reason as well haha
Maybe a wild card round like the MLB but it def should not be a tournament.