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(All Lives Will Matter When Black Lives Matter)

Sometimes recontextualizing an idea- intentionally taking it out of context- can be incredibly revealing. It helps to reconsider the intent behind our words, the baggage they carry, or the underlying message. It's easy to say that all lives matter, because yes, of course all lives matter. It's a neutral thing to say. But saying that Black Lives matter isn't neutral. It's taking a stance. It's saying: I [see police brutality, the prison industrial complex, negative media representation] racism, and I choose to oppose it. It is the opposite of neutral.
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I agree to disagree... you know many greats like Dr. MLK wasn't talking about Black Lives matter for a cause .... you know the simple reality that Palestinian people get slaughtered daily Syrians are being destroyed daily ... and yet ... none are talking about Palestinian lives or Syrian lives matter... racism and injustice oppression is a reality but when things are blown out of proportion to the extent to extinguish what could truly be an reality towards blacks like what happens to other humans all over the world .... the honestly blacks in America don't have it nowhere near as bad and not trying to undercut racism because it's not acceptable. it's a toxic reality that won't be extinguished that's just the reality of life... but singling out your skin complexion is ignorant in itself