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A little Pillow-Talk?

Zayn Malik did it.
Malik has defied all odds by becoming the first successful member to breakaway from One Direction and take on a solo career. Though Malik has always been labeled as the "mysterious" one among his prior band mates, he primarily blames it on the fact that he wasn't given many opportunities to speak. From his more toned down music, his messages are raw and authentic, everything he's going for.
Say goodbye to the bubble gum pop hits that made the world fall in love with him, Malik is all grown up and doing better than ever. The 23-year-old had a very public, very drama filled career change but so far he's made all the right moves. "PILLOW TALK" has soared to the top of the charts at No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 for February leading in 68 countries. His gorgeous girlfriend Gigi Hadid is also featured in the music video that also hit over 240 million views. He's dropping hits left and right and he even has an album coming out soon called "Mind of Mine".
Malik is an independent artist regardless if One Directioners like it or not.
Malik wants to make it very clear that he was never "ungrateful" for leaving One Direction. They were the kickstart of his career and though things didn't end happily, he is thriving now that there is "no creative tension". The main theme for his next album? SEX... and lots of it so be prepared for some erotic beats and of course, drugs and alcohol. But don't be fooled, he's starting to look to education just before his solo career hits a high note.
"I want to go to school. I’d love to get a degree in English, or literature."
Check out his 5 most memorable quotes in the Complex Magazine interview below. We're all happy for you Zayn!

On One Direction

"Mainly my beard, honestly. I wasn’t allowed to keep it. Eventually, when I got older, I rebelled against it, and decided to keep it anyway. That was just because I looked older than the rest of them. That’s one of the things that is now quite cool. I get to keep my beard. I also wanted to dye my hair when I was in the band, but I wasn’t allowed to."

On Success

"I believe that success follows authenticity. People see through fake shit. They don’t want to see that; they want a real person. That’s why Kanye is so successful. He’s speaking the truth, regardless of whomever he offends, he isn’t bothered. That’s admirable."

On Religion

"Who knows? There may be a time where I feel like I have something to say about a certain topic and I’m educated enough and armed with the exact information I need before I make a statement that doesn’t offend anybody. Then I will do that. But in today’s day and age, it’s very hard to make any sort of statement that doesn’t offend somebody. I don’t want to throw stones out of a river that’s already raging. You know what I’m saying? It’s doing its thing by itself. I don’t need to put any input in there. I’ll just leave everything to itself."

On Celebrity

"I’m a pretty shit celebrity all around. But when it comes to TV, that’s the worst. I hate the whole setup. When it’s interviews like this, I don’t mind. I’m just talking to a normal person. It’s when you are fully glammed up and you’re sitting with a hundred lights in your face and someone is asking you questions in front of a crowd of people—that’s when it becomes a bit strange for me. I’m not a public speaker. I’m a singer. Those two things are very different in my brain. I’m not an extrovert in everyday life. I’m a performer. When it comes to stage I can sing and do that, but when I’m in normal-day life I’m very reserved. I guess that’s my downfall."

On The Future

"I think about all aspects of the outcomes of what is going to happen with everything. I don’t know if that’s just something in me, or something that’s natural with everybody. I tend to think about that. It does worry me sometimes, but all I can do is what I’m doing right now. Just go with it and try to hope for the best. I’m enjoying it right now, being creative. I’m enjoying writing music and doing this. And if it doesn’t work out, I would probably just live a simple life."
You can read the full interview on Complex here: