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my Pov I woke up refresh and excited for the day. I hear my phone ding with a notification. I smile as I see I have one from Jinyoung but I also see one from Jellybean. Jr: Good morning beautiful. Looking forward to our date tonight. Look forward to surprises throughout the day. The grin on face can not be contained. My heart speeds up just thinking about tonight. I send a reply. Awe baby, I can't wait to see your cute face. ;) I open the text from my jellybean. jellybean: Peaches! Call me when you wake up I have a business prop for you. Ps did you like the new track? He has officially raised my curiosity. I call him. it rings and he answers. "Peaches...I have you on speakerphone and I have marshmallow here with me. say hi Marshmallow - Hi, Peaches." I giggle. "Hi Jellybean and Marshmallow. So what us this about a business proposition?" Jellybean: I need to use your Italian language skills to translate some business documents, and I was wondering if I could borrow your vocals for one of our artists tracks. I of course want to commission another painting and some album art covers." I mull over all his requests. "Yes to the translating, yes to the painting and maybe to the album covers, and no to the vocals. You know I don't sing ever since that inciddent." "Peaches please do the vocals. Your voice would be perfect." Marshmallow pleads with me and Jellybean whines in the background. "No, it's a no I'm sorry but I still love you both. If that's it I need to get my day started in order to get ready for my first date since the disaster 8 years ago." "You have a date! Awe he must be a special guy to break down your barriers. I didn't think I ever see this day come. He's not like that sleaze ball right? I swear if he tries anything he will be dead." "I appreciate the concern and he is the exact opposite of that a hole Jellybean. Don't worry I have been taking the medication and going to. therapy on a regular basis." "We are glad. Let us know when you can translate for us." Marshmallow and Jellybean said. "Talk to you both later." I hung up and walk back in the room and Aaliyah is there with options for tonight and my finds the perfect outfit. I pick it up and smile. "Unni, Good choice. I was hoping you pick that one. I'll leave it to the side. Now Go get ready for work." She hugs me and sends me on the way. I open a the door to leave and standing there is delivery man getting ready to ring the doorbell. "I have a delivery for Veronica." My face breaks out into a grin. I sign for a beautiful bouquet of yellow tulips. air inhale the scent and keep walking. I'll read the card when I get to the spa. As I arrive at the spa I put the tulips on the counter to bring a happy atmosphere. About 2 hours later Ashley comes in. I smile at her. Little did I know today would be one of my last truly happy days in the months to come.
Ex boyfriend Pov I knew I would eventually find her. She thought moving halfway around the world would stop me. The restraining order is only good in California. She still as pretty and perfect as I remember. She cut her lovely long hair to a pixie cut. Like that's going to distract from her beauty. She wearing a leather jacket with her outfit. I knew those flowers where for her. I've been working at the flower shop for a year. I was hoping Mark would tell me where she has been. All my best friend tells me is she works for the company he works at and he runs into her every now and then. It was just pure luck the last two weeks someone was sending Flowers to a Veronica. I thought it was a pretty uncommon name here in Korea. I came all this way to make her see I'm the only one for her. My jealousy rises when I see her smile at the flowers. This will not do. It's time to make my presence known to her in small steps and make her realize I'm the only one for her forever and no one else
Ooooooo so excited too read brb
Tag me please?! Im loving this so far and I can't wait to see what happens next!
@VeronicaArtino bad one lol
Anonym I tension level just took a jump! Plot twist!
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