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I am always looking for ways to save time, multi-task and still get my sweet tooth fix. In an effort to help the men and women out there who also strive for this level of daily excellence, I have taken a day off to research this and came up with a winning solution.
Step 1: Buy Nestle's Toll House brand of Dark Chocolate Delight cookie batter. Comes in a flat bar-like structure, which is pre-scored, yielding a dozen cookies.
Step 2: Set your oven to 350* and break apart the cookie bar into 12 individual cookies and bake for about 12 minutes.
Step 3: Remove cookies from oven and let cool before transferring to a cooling rack.

Why this works:

1. It's simple and took me about 15 seconds to open the package and set the cookies on a tray.
2. The oven does all the work--not me!
3. Imagine all the crap you can get done in 12 minutes while bliss is busy baking. A LOT!
4. You will be your own hero when you bite into one of these luscious decadent cookies!
5. If there are any left, and there should be, your friends and family will fawn over you like you won the lottery.


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All I know is that those cookies need to be in my mouth right now. They look good and I want them.
thus is actually my go to for baking cookies. I have found that when I buy the individual ingredients, someone in my house uses or eats them before u find the time to actually make the damn things. this way is soooooo much easier.
I'm all for this! I hate comming into the kitchen unless it's to stuff my face with already made foods.
Mmmmmmmmm... Chocolate... @petname83 the same thing happens to me! And to make stuff from scratch, I need to be in a good mood or something, or I'd rather just lie on the couch doing nothing xD
Remember, this isn't about laziness, it's about strategy: multi-tasking and eating...repeat! hahaha Thanks @misssukyi @bluebear07 @petname83 @aimeeH @Taijiotter :) :) :)