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okay, folks. BY THE END OF THIS WEEK I will be changing my username! I have gone through my past notifications, and through the followers of my collections, and have redone my personal tag list. (does anyone know how to see who has liked a card? without having to scroll through THE ENTIRE NOTIFICATION LIST?)


If you commented, liked, or tagged me in a card or comment; I added you, or made sure you were there. (does anyone know how to see who has liked a card? without having to scroll through THE ENTIRE NOTIFICATION LIST?)
If I missed you, please let me know!
If you don't want to be tagged, please let me know! (but I will still probably tag you for the official name change, just so you can be aware! after that I will remove you)
I know I probably missed a few people (please please please let me know if I did miss you and you want to be on the list!). With how CRAZY everything has been (mom in ER, grandma passing away, work, life...you know the drill) I haven't been able to get on Vingle much and go through each and every notification.
Some days I have a lot.


Warning, notification...same dif.
The change will happen on Friday. With Sunday being Easter...yeah, I'm gonna be at work all day. And my sister is gonna be here on Saturday.
So Friday IS THE DAY!
You know what they say: Forewarned is Forearmed!
See you on the flip side!
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To be added or removed...well, you know what to do!!
p.s. @kpopINT I'm sure I have at least ONE of the chairs on my taglist, but I want to be sure you are warned that this is gonna happen1
Okay everyone here who is changing their name plz keep me posted and tagged! I don't want to miss anyone! @Kieuseru @CreeTheOtaku
kk (: To check who liked a specific card (mobile), scroll alll the way to the end of the card WITHOUT opening the whole comment section. There should be a place to see stats (number of likes, clips, views). Tap on "# likes" and it should show you the users! ^^
@luna1171 my list is on a word doc on my computer, saved under vingle tag list. on my phone I just copy and paste from a previous card. :) @StefaniTre are you trying to kill me? :D and as long as you are on the tag list, you will be notified when I change the name, cuz the tag list above will be a part of the post! @CreetheOtaku please let me know what you'll be changing it to and when! cuz i'm gna have to change it on my list then
there no way to find out who liked your card unless scrolling down.. I think ..haha... you have a pretty good strategy to keep your list tho.. haha.. you can keep tagging me..hehe..okay?
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