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Recently 7-Eleven let loose a new campaign called "Bring Your Own Cup" day.
The idea was simple. Bring your own cup in and fill it with as much slush as you desire for 1.50. The only rules: the cup must fit within a 10-inch hole, and be “food-safe clean” and watertight.
I guess the definition of a "Cup" is very different for many people, as some people went WILD at 7-Eleven this weekend over the 1.50 all you can drink slurpee opportunity.
People were filling pots, pans, pools, water jugs and anything huge they could get their hands during this 1.50 slurpee promotion.
7-Eleven also introduced a new flavor, in a press release written by Poochie:
"7-Eleven is taking Slurpee season to the extreme with new Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry Slurpee, a sweetly sour flavor combination of your favorite frozen beverage. This new flavor is available now."
Something tells me that 7-Eleven took huge losses during this promotion, and that they will re-think this one a bit deeper next time around.