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Did you love it, hate it, or totally forget about it?

Age of Ultron made $1.405 billion in the box office. Which is honestly more money than I can comprehend. But that fan response seems to be a love it or hate it situation! And while that profit a HUGE sum of money, behind the scenes execs weren't happy with it. Apparently people weren't going back for a repeat viewing. So what's the community's take on it? Keep it as a part of the cinematic universe or live without it?
@MalcolmAllen It's not that I disliked the characters. I didn't like that he was given a secret family when the first avengers movie was heavily implying clintasha.
@MarvelTrashcan you didn't like Clint's family?
Hated that they put in Clint having a secret family and the Brucetasha
totally in love with it!
I was okay with it but it wouldn't really be that big of a deal to me if they did omit it from the MCU. Did like Ultron himself though
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