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{ A/N: This oneshot is taken from my Wattpad account. My profile is @/turntuptae if anyone is interested in reading any of my other fanfictions! }

Member: Oh Sehun of EXO ➳Genre: Fluff ➳Word Count: approximately 742 words "Yah, you can't just mess up my hair like that! I'm onstage in less than ten minutes!" Sehun spoke, briskly fixing his soft, brown hair after you had tousled it. "Why not?" You giggled. "It looks better without all the product showing through." After lounging onto a navy blue couch conveniently placed in the dressing room, you sighed deeply. "I know this whole thing is your passion and all, but the entertainment world doesn't make any sense to me. Why would idols need makeup and unusually striking outfits if all the fans actually care about is their talent and personality? You'd all look better going out with your bare faces and pajamas." Sehun coughed slightly as his hairdresser showered him with yet another heavy coat of hairspray. "Sorry [Y/N], what was that?" He questioned. You rolled your eyes, replying with a casual 'nevermind'. Oh Sehun was your closest friend ever since you could remember. You had both been there for each other's every 'first'; first day, first crush, first kiss, first love, first heartbreak, etc. But once Sehun was accepted as an SM trainee, you had a higher chance of seeing him on your television screen than in person. It was only up until this year that he called, inviting you to move into the dorms with him and the rest of his group. Sehun's stylists and makeup artists added the finishing touches, just as an announcement was made, echoing through the backstage dressing rooms. "EXO, YOU'RE ON IN FIVE. ONCE AGAIN, EXO IS ON IN FIVE." "Well [Y/N], I need to head out. You should probably get to your seat, too if your watching."
The concert was almost finished, yet the energy in the atmosphere was still as lively as ever. EXO's performances were breathtaking in every aspect. Baekhyun's high notes reached their way to heaven, Chanyeol's rapping sent everyone to their graves, but the person who stood out most to you was Sehun. His dancing, his limited rapping, his interaction with the fans and other members.. They were all just so.. so cute. "Excuse me, everyone!" Sehun called into his microphone, waving his hands to get the attention on him. As he did so, the rest of the members repeatedly pressed their hands down, gesturing for the enormous crowd to quiet down. Close up shots of Sehun from different angles lit up the big screens. He looked down into the mic, obviously trying to find the right words to string together. "I just...I..." An awkward silence followed, the crowd growing more and more confused at his nervousness. In one swift movement, Sehun handed his mic to Suho and jumped into the onstage shallow pool.
He washed his face and hair with the water, yet was still unsatisfied. Everyone watched as he used the end of his white shirt to wipe his face until it was stained with one thing; makeup. Sehun slowly stood up after wiping the rest of the cosmetics off, taking his mic once again from Suho. "Everyone, I want to be standing here right now as Oh Sehun. For just a moment, I want to be seen as the person I really am." He took a deep breath before continuing on. "And the person I am is in love. Deeply. I know I'm the right man for her, and I know I can make her the happiest she'll ever be." The crowd roared loudly, some disapproving, yet most supporting him with all they've got. The idol made his way down the stage, as the cameras followed. Standing fans were pushed back by security while Sehun carved his path through to the VIP seating area; in other words, where you were sitting. Your body tensed up with every step he took, making direct eye contact as he grew closer. "[Y/N], I've known you my entire life, and there's nobody else I'd rather spent the rest of my days with." He smiled, taking your hands in his. "Please be my everything, and let me be yours." The crowd's cheering quieted down once more, awaiting your answer. With no hesitation, you nodded merrily, throwing your arms around Sehun's soaked body before pressing your lips against his in a deep, passionate kiss. "Oh, and if I were to go onstage in my so called 'pajamas', you know well enough the concert would have to be a 19+ rating." The male winked smugly, only earning him a playful slap from you.

So? What did you think? Part 3? Please feel free to leave some constructive critisism in the comments! I'm open for requests so please don't hesitate to ask! ♡♡♡♡♡

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➳Minhyuk (Astro) Oneshot

➳Kim Seokjin Oneshot

➳Kim Namjoon Oneshot

➳Interview (part 3)

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nice. now only if an idol could really do that.
Loved this and would love a second part too:-)
@jenjenkhreim Yes please make a second part 🙌🙌
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