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The French horn is king!
Everyone who plays French horn knows the struggle that comes along with it. When you talk to non band nerds, all they can think about is a trumpet or a trombone. Even though they always say they know exactly which one it is. Then you have to be like me and you describe it as the one that's pretty, big, with a lot of swirly tubes. Yet you still get asked "so that's a tuba right?" No, its not. And no one knows why they call it a French horn and not an Italian horn. Maybe you can Google it. Give you an excuse to use your smart phone. Then even your own fellow band idiots don't understand. You receive questions like: why do you have to stick your hand in the bell? Why does so much spit come out? Aren't you in Bass cleft? So I want to answer these three questions that I get asked almost everyday. number 1: Your hand is in the bell to help you be intune. Unless you want to sound super bad, keep it out. But I'd advise you not to. plus when you want to get super fancy you can use your hand as a mute and stay in tune. Number 2: It's not spit, it's water. Everyone thinks that its super nasty to see someone tip their horn over and all the liquids come flowing out like the Niagara. I mean it is kind of gross, but you get used to it. Now it's something worthy of an award. Like thank you for playing. We do not spit in our instruments. That is highly disgusting and needs to stop being spread around that we do this. Its just condensation being built up inside the horn causing the moisture to happen. its cramped, hot, and damp in there. Number 3: yes, I read treble clef. I know its hard for you to believe that someone with a range like mine could be in a basic clef like that. Trust me, if we could have our own we would. But since it doesn't work like that, we are stuck in treble. But treble isn't that troubling for French horns. Most instruments only have three ranges that their instrument works in, a French horn has 16. Impressive right? We can get higher than a trumpet and lower than a tuba. All you need is the correct air quality and practice with experience. Now, I hope I have answered all of the immediate questions about French horn. Oh and no, mayonnaise is not an instrument!
I like the French horn! I think that's a really interesting brass instrument to play!
@marshalledgar one of the best French horn parts for me is probably in watchman, tell us of the night by Mark Camphouse.
I actually think the French Horn is one of the most grand instruments among the brass and the orchestra at large.
I will check that out @michaylah99 thanks
I forgot to mention that there are pockets of where you can hear the French Horn in Ravel's Daphnis et Chloe, which is by far, one of my favorites among classical music.
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