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Fellow Vinglers, there is a new meme sweeping the web, and it's called the #CallEnded meme.

The context of which to use it is simple. Let me give you some examples below:
Manager : "We are short staff today, can you come i...."
Me : #CallEnded
Ex.#2- Me: "Can you get us some food on your way home?"
Mom: "We got food at the Hou--" #CallEnded
and my personal favorite:
Sis: Can you take me to the mall?
Me: Yeah, you got gas money?
Sis: Nah, mom said you should take me out of the goodness of ---
Me: #CallEnded.
We have all been there. Someone says some nonsense, and you don't know how to reply. Feel free to let this meme fly when the time is right.
Bahahaha, I could see me doing this to my sister. She always has a way of making me want to abort the conversation. She inherited my mom's lecturing style.
Reminds me of when Lonna (from Archer) pulls her, "it's gonna sound like I'm hanging up but--CLICK"
@danidee I'm here with you on this one with the sister, with the right timing this could be quite useful lol