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#CallEnded Is Your Latest Highly Relatable Meme

Fellow Vinglers, there is a new meme sweeping the web, and it's called the #CallEnded meme.

The context of which to use it is simple. Let me give you some examples below:
Manager : "We are short staff today, can you come i...."
Me : #CallEnded
Ex.#2- Me: "Can you get us some food on your way home?"
Mom: "We got food at the Hou--" #CallEnded
and my personal favorite:
Sis: Can you take me to the mall?
Me: Yeah, you got gas money?
Sis: Nah, mom said you should take me out of the goodness of ---
Me: #CallEnded.
We have all been there. Someone says some nonsense, and you don't know how to reply. Feel free to let this meme fly when the time is right.
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Reminds me of when Lonna (from Archer) pulls her, "it's gonna sound like I'm hanging up but--CLICK"
2 years ago·Reply
Bahahaha, I could see me doing this to my sister. She always has a way of making me want to abort the conversation. She inherited my mom's lecturing style.
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee I'm here with you on this one with the sister, with the right timing this could be quite useful lol
2 years ago·Reply