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Because sometimes nice things happen.

You'll recognize her as Rey from Star Wars, where she was cooler than cool and kicked butt like she was born to do it. Even though the awesomeness is seared into all of our retinas for the rest of eternity let's see it again because the world is a beautiful place:

So. She's definitely qualified.

The last time we saw a live adaptation of Lara Croft it was in 2001 and the September 11th attacks hadn't happened yet. And if that doesn't make you feel old then I don't know what will. The movie was underwhelming at best, but that doesn't mean we love Lara Croft any less. A Tomb Raider reboot has serious potential, and not just because of Ridley's potential star power.

The game franchise has reinvented itself.

Instead of being an object devoid of personality, Lara Croft has been developed into a relatable, dynamic character. She's someone that a broader audience might actually be interested in (i.e. an audience that isn't looking solely for softcore porn). This reboot has the potential to be a story about an action hero that is as powerful and well-rounded as any other action hero (that doesn't have the benefit of masculine-coded neutrality).

Let her have this. That's 175 lbs.

As The Force Awakens demonstrates, diversity won't kill a franchise; in fact it can do the exact opposite. Nothing's been confirmed yet, but usually when rumors like this start going around it's because producers want to test audience reaction without locking themselves into anything. And if that's the case I can't scream HELL YES enough. But I think her costar, John Boyega, had the best endorsement:
“But I texted Daisy [and] was like, ‘this is you!’ and ‘you need to get on that because you could be Lara Croft.’ She should be."
And in that moment we were all John Boyega (Via).
@shannonl5 I think the movies might have helped bring the franchise down a couple steps
I like the new reboot of Lara, my son got the game and it blew me away and I've played almost all of them. that being said I think Rey could definitely own this character. I wasn't impressed at all with Angelina's portrayal at all, not that she was bad she just didn't fit right with me
She would be a good Lara Croft, and an origins story would be a good start!
@buddyesd I really like the new reboot too! My friend got it and I went to hang out with him and long story short I was kind of antisocial XD he didn't mind thankfully! And yeah. Honestly I feel like the script was just not strong in the first movie. It felt like they thought they could just slap the name Tomb Raider onto the title and people would love it. Nope :(
@Patmanmeow for sure! I'd be interested to see her in the role, especially since Rey seems like such a hopeful/optimistic character and Lara's outlook is more grim.