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A is for Asscher.
B is for Pear.
And C is for Oval.
Not exactly a nursery rhyme, but when it comes to magnificent diamonds, such as these from A. A. Rachminov, then it doesn't really matter. The biggest obstacle you'll face with jewels of this size and remarkable quality will be style of cut.
Personally, I go crazy for the princess, emerald, cushion and asscher cuts. They drive me wild with ecstasy!
So now it's your turn. Which of these three style of diamond cuts would you GO CRAZY for?
Photo: @The_Diamonds_Girl (via Instagram)
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Let's go next year! It's in Switzerland.
@marshalledgar ok i'm in 馃槃
The closer it gets, @humairaa we need to see if other Vinglers want to head to Baselworld too. so much fun!
@marshalledgar would be great but it depends when it'll be. Imagine having a whole bunch of vinglers there馃槂
it would be really special!