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Destination Wedding/Guest Book Inspo
Loving this Snippet & Ink idea that you can do that is chic, easy and will have all your friends talking!
Imagine this: You and 20-30 of your closest friends and family are having the most fabulous out-of-town nuptials. Better than you ever dreamed! But who wants to lug around a guest book when you're hundreds (or thousands) of miles away from home?
That's why this postcard idea is TO DIE FOR!
Make sure you hit the local tourist trap (wherever you tie the knot) and snag as many fabulous (and different) postcards as you have guests. At the wedding, each guest can take a postcard (that's already had postage applied), and write their best wishes to you.
After they've all been collected, you simply drop them in the post box.
Weeks after you've returned from your destination wedding and honeymoon you'll be getting these heartfelt wishes in the mailbox!
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