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I will tell you why I love Vingle. Vingle is more than a social site that houses countless interests. It is more than the pictures, videos, and cards that we laugh about. Vingle is a place that has connected people all over the world together. It is a place where we can talk, joke, laugh, and share what we love. Through this site, people from different countries have come together, sharing their love for entertainment, beauty, nature, and appreciation. It is also a place to teach others about your own unique culture and history. It is because of this that I have learned many things I did not know. Thank you @VingleEnglish . I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people I've met here and the people I continue to meet. Photographer Svavelstickan
@medusa I agree! Vingle has a great community.
I love vingle because I love the people here. :)
@roselee89 @eungi Right?! Lol. Vingle is pretty darn awesome. :)
@VingleEnglish Of that, I've no doubt.
I love vingle just because......
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