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OMG I love Suga, I always get a little heartbroken reading this lol. Enjoy!
"Ahh Namjoon stop!" You said in between gasps, trying to catch your breath. Your body shaking as you try to roll away from him.
"No! This is punishment for what you did to my hair."' He answered continuing his action. With nimble fingers he tickled all around your mid section as you groaned. Now, if anyone saw what was going on they would believe it was something completely different. Now the other members knew you guys were best friend without a doubt, well except for Yoongi.
"What's going on here." A voice sounded out from behind them. You both paused in your action as you both grew nervous. Yoongi never like your relationship with Namjoon, since you guys were close very close.
You shot up from the floor and peeked over the couch to see Yoongi. He was standing with his arms crossed a look of annoyance covered his features. Suddenly Namjoon stood up next to you he threw an arm over your shoulders.
"Hey hyung!" Namjoon called out with a bright smile plastered to his smile. Pretending like Yoongi wasn't sending him death glares.
"Oppa?" You let out softly his attention finally turns towards you. Walking closer you went to give him a hug, but instead he turned away.
"I am going to get some things, then we can leave. Y/N go wait in the car." He said as he walked towards his shared room at the back of the dorm. Namjoon glanced over at you sympathetically as he walked with you to the car.
"Thank you oppa I had a nice time." You said with a small bow of your head. You were a foreigner and the culture was still something you struggled to learn. Patting your head he smiled, leaning forward as if to kiss your cheek and you turn away. He paused and pulled back an awkward atmosphere filled the air. He went back inside passing Yoongi giving a quick nod of his head.
Driving home the car was filled with a powerful silence. You knew Yoongi was upset and tried for work so you kept quiet not wanting to anger. Your mind wondered back to the incident at the night club when you and BTS went to celebrate Yoongi's mixtape. (A/N: lol I wish).
Your body buzzed from the loud music surrounding you. Everyone was a little tipsy, but not drunk completely, well except for Hoseok. He was getting very touchy with everyone as well as emotional like a teenage girl. You tried all night for Yoongi to come and dance with you, but he wouldn't budge. Hoseok offer plenty of times very persistently and every time you shot him down, though he finally gave up. You decide to go alone and dance, but you have to squeeze in between the sea of sweaty grinding bodies. Being by yourself on the dance floor made you feel uncomfortable, yet you pushed the feeling aside and had fun.
You jumped when a pair of arms circled your waist, their grip tighten to keep you in their hold. The smell of alcohol invaded your senses it was so heavy it made your head spin. The person turned you around and you met with a covered chest. Glancing up you gasped in surprised to see Namjoon holding you with a smirk on his face.
"Oppa, what are you doing?" You asked trying to escape his grip. "Where is Yoongi?" You continued looking for him in the sea of people. You furrowed your eyebrows when you notice the look of anger on his face.
"Why him?" He suddenly yelled scaring you. "I was first, I was your best friend and yet you pick him over me!" He had a dark look in his eyes that you didn't like one bit.
"Oppa, stop you're hurting me." You whined as he held onto your bicep squeezing as he got angrier. "NO! Not until you say yes to leave Yoongi. I am better than him I know you better than he does!" His voice grew desperate as he tried to convince you.
He forced a kiss onto you as you pushed him away. This made him grow more upset and since he was drunk that didn't help. He got more forceful until he was ripped away from you. You were surrounded by the boys all five of them, your eyes quickly searched for Yoongi. He was currently relentlessly beating Namjoon over and over again. His knuckles were bright red with blood as Namjoon tried to defend himself.
"Yoongi, Stop" You called out to him, rushing to his side. It took you, Hoseok, and Jin to pull him off.
"Jagi!" You cried tears pouring down your face as you were hyperventilating. His movement ceased as he turn to check up on you. He held you tenderly, then proceeded to pick you up bridal style and carry you to his car.
"Y/N please let me in!" Namjoon yelled "Please" he whispered as he collapsed on the on other side of the door. Your back was on the same door with your knees pulled up to your chest sobbing. You were scared to let him in yet you cared deeply for him, Yoongi wasn't home at the moment either. You stood up reaching for the door handle. Your heart screamed for you to stop to save the heart break. Yet your mind wanted to sort this out. Opening the door you stared at his back and he suddenly turned around tears his coating his face. You never seen him cry, even in the many years of your friendship.
"Oppa" You said gently before running into his arms, sheltering yourself in them.
"I'm sorry" He chanted over and over as you kept forgiving him. Though that night Yoongi was upset, but understood after some time that Namjoon was somebody important to you.
Arriving at your shared house, Yoongi got out and slam the car door shut, leaving you. You ran after him into the house closing the door behind you.
"Oppa, what's wrong?" You asked concerned following him into the kitchen as he grabbed a bottle water from the fridge. He ignored you and continue to the bed room.
"Yoongi, please!" You begged it was like he continuously stomp on your heart.
He slam the bathroom door shut as you heard water run. You sat on the bed waiting for your turn to shower, your head bowed to cover your tears from him. You ran to the bathroom once it was empty to take a shower. The water help mask your cries and tears. Coming out with red puffy eyes you grabbed a blanket and pillow to sleep on the sofa. You spared a glance at Yoongi to see him asleep without a quilt. Setting your stuff down, you covered him and carefully took off his headphones.
"Good night, Yoongi" You went to kiss his forehead, but stopped and sighed. Before you can turn away, something caught your hand and yanked you onto the bed. With a small yelp you landed right next to Yoongi. His eyes stared into yours, slowly his hand came up to stroke your cheek as you did the same. He felt your eyes to your nose then lips. He leaned to you slowly, but none the less gave a slow sensual kiss. He shifted you closer and cuddled into you, breaking the kiss he inhaled deeply. He held on to you like a lifeline.
"Please don't leave me, Jagi" In that moment you realized he was showing you his weaker side. You gave a small sad smile with a light chuckle.
"Saranghae" You stated and kissed him deeply. You didn't need him to tell you how he felt. You understood him best.
wow....i was a little confused at first. but that ending wow. i am speechless